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Atlas cultivar is an apomictic hybrid between Tobiatan (LST 1) and K-68 (accession from Ivory Coast). It is perennial,

4.9 ft to 6.56 ft height and shows excellent tillering capacity and good biomass production with high nutritive value. The leaves are hairless and wax less. The main characteristic of this cultivar is the tolerance to aluminum in the soils. It is suitable for raising livestock and horses.

product Details

Origin: African materials selected and cross-bred by Matsuda
Scientific name: P. maximum cv. Atlas
Soil fertility:: High
Growth habit: Tussocks
Height: 4.90 - 6.56 ft
Utilisation: Direct grazing , hay making and silage
Digestibility: High (65 to 70% IVDMD)
Palatability: High
Rainfall requirements: Above 31 in/year
Drought tolerance: Very good
Cold tolerance: High
Crude protein content: 10 to 12%
Compatibility: With all legumes
Sowing depth: 0.40 - 0.80 in
Vegetative cycle: Perennial
Forage production: 20 to 22 ton DM/ha/year
Aluminium Tolerance: Very high