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A Complete Nutritional Program for Omnivorous Fishes

product Details

A complete line of fish feed that meets the nutritional requirements of tropical omnivorous fishes farmed in cage or ponds.
Feeds for:
• Brood fish
• Fry
• Juvenile
• Food-size fish
The VittaFish / AcquaPesca nutritional program relies on:
• the most advanced concepts in fish nutrition.
• the use of high quality and digestible ingredients.
• a modern feed extrusion technology a rigorous quality
standards and control
• concepts of sustainable aquaculture
Economy and sustainability
Feed quality and nutrition impacts fish performace and health, as well as water quality, mainly in pond
aquaculture. Therefore, the use of high quality feeds is a key factor on the sustainability and economics of
your business.
Benefits of using high quality feeds:
• Improved condition, growth and health of fish
• More efficient use of feed (better feed conversion);
• Minimal fecal and metabolic wastes;
• Less impact on water quality;
• Maximizing profits, through increased productivity and
reduced production costs.