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Java hybrid forage legume was obtained from the selection of progenies of Macrotyloma axil/are' s cultivars Archer and Guata.

Java is a perennial twinning and creeping legume with stems light green colored leaves and stems. It is a very good seed producer setting seeds all year round. Low demanding in soil fertility, it presents high persistence under grazing, medium palatability which assures high persistence. It is Bradyrhizobium promiscuous under the tropical soils conditions.

product Details

Origin: Indonesia (Java Island) selected by Matsuda and Sao Paulo State Institute of Animal Science and Pastures
Scientific name: Macroty/oma axil/are (E.Mey) r:1. Java
Soil fertility:: Low to medium
Growth habit: Creeping and climbing
Utilisation: lntercropped with pasture
Digestibility: High
Palatability: Medium
Rainfall requirements: Over 27 in/year
Drought tolerance: Good
Cold tolerance: Medium to low
Crude protein content: 18 to 23%
Compatibility: Panicum, Brachiaria
Sowing depth: 0.40 - 0.80 in
Vegetative cycle: Perennial
Forage production: 5 to 9 ton DM/ha/year
Nitrogen fixation: 331 lb N/ha/year
Seed quantity: 6.6 lb - 11 lb /ha in mixtures