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Highly recommended for intense grazing pastures. Tanzania varietal is often used by beef and dairy cattle producers and has consistently higher weight gain compared to animals grazing on other Panicum varieties.

product Details

Origin: Africa I Embrapa/CNPGC
Scientific name: Panicum maximum cv.Tanzania
Soil fertility:: High
Growth habit: Tussocks
Height: 5.25 ft
Utilisation: Direct grazing, and silage making
Digestibility: Excellent
Palatability: Excellent
Rainfall requirements: Above 31 in/year
Drought tolerance: Medium
Cold tolerance: Medium to high
Crude protein content: 12 to 16%
Compatibility: With all legumes
Sowing depth: 0.40 - 0.80 in
Vegetative cycle: Perennial
Forage production: 20 to 26 ton OM/ha/year